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Zero Waste Haircare Set

Zero Waste Haircare Set

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Hair Needs

This well-rounded hair care set is a perfect zero waste gift for any occasion! This set not only comes with hairbrushes, bar shampoos and conditioners but also a hand-drawn card for a personalized message of your choice. A complimentary brush cleaner and travel-friendly cotton bag are included. 

As we age, our scalp becomes drier and hair becomes thinner and less pigmented. This hair care set has got all it needs to maintain healthy, strong hair to tackle aging care needs.

The paddle brush detangles while gently massaging the scalp and promoting blood circulation. The flat comb is for detailed styling and a brush cleaner for removing hair build-up. Simply pick the SLS-free and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner bars that work for your hair type and start your home salon.



1 Mothers' Day Message Card
1 Shampoo Bar of Choice (Hydrating or Nourishing or Rebalancing)
1 Conditioner Bar of Choice (Hydrating or Nourishing or Rebalancing)
1 Bamboo Hair Brush (5.3 x 1.2in or 13.5 x 3cm)
1 Brush Cleaner
1 Bamboo Comb (9 x 3.1in or 23 x 8 cm)
1 Reusable Gift Bag

  • bamboo-based brushes: sustainable and one of the fastest-growing plants. It uses little water to grow, self-replenishes, requires no pesticides, fertilizer, or irrigation & more economical than other woods.
  • well-rounded (literally): one set for all washing, styling, and detangling needs.
  • easy to clean: hair removal imade easy with the brush cleaner.

Hair brushes: To detangle hair, brush in a downward motion. Avoid soaking the bamboo hair brush set in water. Pat dry when needed.

Shampoo bar: thoroughly wet your hair, roll the bar in your wet hands or use a soap bag to work lather into scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

Conditioner bar: roll bar in your wet hands and apply to length of hair. Your fingers should slip through any tangles. Let sit for 5-10mins. Rinse.

Note: both bars use concentrated formula. A little goes a long way!

Care Tips
    • use brush cleaner to gently remove hair build-up
    • dry with a towel after contact with water
    • Repurpose the bamboo hair brush as a body massager, back scratcher, pet groomer, etc.
    • Check your city's waste management info before disposal. Bamboo can be classified as recyclable or garbage depending on cities' recycling capabilities.
    • If unsure, always consider composting in your backyard before throwing away.
    How to Pick?

    💜 Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner Bar (HYDRATE) 💜 - All Hair Type, particularly Normal to Dry or Curly
    lavender essential oil, shea butter, hydrolyzed oats to effectively calm, soothe, and hydrate the scalp and split ends

    🖤 Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner Bar (REBALANCE) 🖤 - Oily or Fine Hair Type
    charcoal, tea tree, and peppermint to detox, treat oily scalp with excess oil and product residue, and stimulate hair growth

    💖Unscented Shampoo and Conditioner Bar (NOURISHING) 💖 - Coloured Hair Type
    argan oil to prevent loss of pigment and extend the life of colour in the hair



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